Mixsiu Team Comics

1. So… who is Mixsiu Team Comics?

Mixsiu Team Comics is a mini Israeli comics "company", a subsidiary of Spark Design Israel. Mixsiu Team Comics is engaged in the genre of science fiction, humor and fantasy.

2. Origin of the name: "Mixsiu Team" is the number of members of the group Mixsiu Team, members of the group are: Exnergy, Alix Woman, Rona, Wingman and Lite-Man. Exactly 5 members.

3. The founder of Mixsiu Team Comics and Spark Design is Osher Naor Doroni.

4. Spark Design: Spark Design is a media company that deals mainly with comics and miniature illustrations.

5. The purpose of this company is to reach an audience that will love it and read it's comics.

6. What characters are there ?: a good question, let's see…

Exnergy - a New York mutant who experienced a critical accident that gave him super powers like controlling energy, control time and space and thought.
Alix Woman - Natasha Mirana, a native mutant with a strong resistance to electricity, fire and water, is not immune to radioactivity Malesius.

Wing Man – Wing-Man is live on the planet Makil, a planet with no soil but only clouds and winds and storms, Wing Man knows how to fly and has a very strong voice.

Light-Man - an alien from the planet Arinsu, Light-Man is a representative of the Order of Light (from the Order of Light? Let's talk about it). Light-Men can move fast, get transducer and can produce very strong light from his hands.

Rona - Rona is an alien from the planet Arinso (a marsh planet), Rona is powerless but very smart and can help a lot to the team.

StarRex – a Brooklyn resident with powers of fire and electricity.

Laser-Point - a former US Army soldier, has the powers of producing different types of lasers.

Darksur - a intergalactic villain that threatens to destroy earth.

Ryx - a partner of Darksur and his girlfriend.
Water-Liss - a mutant with water powers.

Water-Ler - sister of Water-Liss.

Ryno and Apelix – a cpoule with flight and Acrobatics power.

Time-Man - a representative of the Organization of Justice of Time - responsible for arranging the time and enemy of the Order of Darkness.

7. Orders?

Orders Arrived After Dark Period and Endless War In Arinso there were three orders: Order of Light, Order of Life and Order of Power. But unfortunately, one order was raised to thwart the rest of the orders - the Order of darkness.

The Order of Life, between characters such as Exnergy, Light-Man
The Order of Power.
The Order of Light, among the characters like Alix-Woman
The Order of darkness, among the characters like Darksur and Ryx.